Presentations, blogs and marketing support

We've been making a noise about audio for years! Let us help you inspire your developers and the communities that play the games.

Prototyping / Proof of Concept

Hear what your game will sound like when it is finished. But in pre-production!


Live orchestra writing and recording

We have ten years of experience in supervising live orchestra recordings.

Interactive music editing and implementation

We have an award winning specialist who has created some of the best interactive scores in the industry.

Sound Design

Sound effects 'integration'

We have specialists in integration (i.e. putting the sounds into the game) with experience in commercial systems like WWise and who have a track record of being able to familiarize themselves with your proprietary system very quickly.

'Cinematic' Sound Design

We have a sound designer/engineer who specializes in high quality audio to linear movies and 5.1 mixing.


Voice processing

We can deliver all your dialogue needs right through from writing and directing to editing, processing.

Dialogue 'Integration'

We have a lot of experience in implementing dialogue in game and tuning it to sound both dramatic and natural.


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What we do...