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Active ingredients... a solid and talented audio team, each with over 16 years of industry experience. We'll give your game audio a boost in all aspects of production from audio supervision, original music, custom sound design, to solid casting and voice direction. With a healthy track record of AAA game titles and mainstream feature films, we pride ourselves on creating a rich and compelling soundscape for your games, right on schedule.

What We've Done...

We can take your project from start to finish integrating smoothly into your company culture, tools and practices, assessing your sonic needs, and producing an end result that is unique, cool and beautifully crafted. Music, as the heart-beat of your game's emotional expression can be composed, orchestrated, and recorded with live orchestral musicians. Dynamic and intriguing sound design can be tailored with great detail according to what is needed. Through good character development, strong casting, and expert voice direction, the true personality of your game can be fully expressed.

The secret of good game sound is to train ourselves to stop thinking in terms of 'the sounds' for the game, but rather 'the sound' for the game. Everything we we do... Design, technology, working practices, should be geared into enabling audio crafts-people to create and refine 'the sound' of each moment of the game <Pacific B12>


You've reached the home page of Pacific B12. Welcome! If you have an ear for great sound design, music and dialogue, then you should feel very 'at home' here...

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USING THIS SITE... The most active part of the site is our blog so head there if you're interested in looking at what we're up to and hearing our latest work. The main site contains mainly biographical and contact information.



What we do...